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When the ValidatedSite logo appears on a website, consumers can be assured that the site has taken the proper steps to protect their private information, resulting in less spam e-mail and the comfort in knowing that personal data is held in the utmost confidentiality.
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TrustGauge is the quickest and easiest way to determine if the website you are visiting is trustworthy. As part of the free BrowserAccelerator toolbar, the TrustGauge helps determine the trustworthiness of any site.
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  • Increases your trustworthiness among companies within your category.
  • Increases your Trust Index, which increases the chances of a sale with your prospect.
  • Builds confidence with those reading your pages.
  • You will receive ongoing tips on how to maintain and improve your Trust Index.
  • One year free of website monitoring from our sister company, InternetSupervision. Visit ValidatedSite for more information.
  • Improves retention with visitors through a higher score.
Determining Your Websites "Validation" Point
How Trustworthy is Your Site?
Most unsuccessful webmasters/site owners spend thousands of dollars on design, development, marketing/promotions, optimization and advertising with out giving any thought as to whether they would trust their own site when it comes to buying products or services online or even sharing information with that site.

If you are not receiving the return on investment that you set out to attain, consider determining your web business' Validation Point -- the degree that a user believes your message and the point at which they are ready to trust you enough to accept your unique proposition. By understanding some very basic principles about human behavior, we can learn what it takes to become "valid" in the eyes of prospects.
How Do Users Find You?
Surfers tend to trust websites that they find near the top of search return lists or through respected site with which they are familiar.

Traditional Search Engines:
Since premium placement in search engines is difficult (if not in some cases impossible) to attain, sites that appear in the 20th, 30th, or even the 1000th spot must make an extended effort to show not only that their products are of equal or greater value but that their business meets or exceeds the visitors expectations.

Standard Link Referrals:
Traffic sent from other websites is also a valuable commodity. When webmasters or site owners believe enough in what you offer to feature your site in their newsletter or within their Web pages, you build credibility and trust in the eyes of prospects. By building your overall Internet popularity, your reputation will precede you as a business that offers premium products, services or information.
Are You Real, Virtual or Both?
While e-commerce technology has come a long way since its first implementation, most people still would prefer to make purchases in person or at least speak with someone on the phone. This gives the prospect the sense that they are receiving personal attention.

Since sites that offer addresses and phone numbers typically perform on a higher level, it is important to express to visitors critical information such as company details, contact information and easy-to-understand privacy policies. These are important parts of a website because open systems almost always outperform closed ones. Who would you trust more: the person selling watches from a storefront or the one selling them from the trunk of their car?
Do others find you Trustworthy?
One of the most profound mistakes web site owners and managers make is not proving their trustworthiness to their visitors. Sites that sell successfully online realize the importance of earning visitors' trust through a policy of open communication. By providing secure billing pages and explaining and abiding by the content within your privacy policy, earning trust with prospects becomes exponentially simpler.

Finding the secret to being trustworthy is more simple that most people think. By being what users expect you to be (honest, truthful, reliable, dependable) you increase the chance that you will earn visitors' trust. The next time you look at your site, ask yourself, "Do I trust this business?"
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