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Learning to Trust Websites:
A Review of Resources for Checking Consumer Generated Complaints and a Guide On Earning the Trust Of Web Consumers
It's not surprising that online shopping is breaking its own records year after year. There are more people online and they are accessing the web with faster connections and more confidence. Privacy concerns and security are still important factors for many consumers however and for good reason. There are more malicious software purveyors and illegitimate websites today that there were in years past.

Fortunately, online companies that use deceptive marketing practices, utilize malware and spyware or just generally do a poor job of support are increasingly kept in check with services which enable consumers to take control of their online experiences and make their comments, complaints and resolutions publicly available.

How to Trust Websites
Do some research at companies like, or Search the company name or the name the domain is registered under. Any negative experiences will be made available. Resources such as these let consumers check the store's references so to speak. While they are not comprehensive, they do provide excellent insights into the overall perception of an organization.

How to Gain Consumer Trust
There are only a handful of things website owners need to implement throughout a Web presence to make it more trustworthy in the minds of consumers. Working “contact” channels (email, phone and support forms), full disclosure of policies (return policies, privacy and security) and the presence of site integrity seals such as BBBonline and ValidatedSite.


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