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About our services
What do we do?
We monitor the availability, performance, and content of all your internet services from our UL approved offices with 24/7 personnel in Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Santiago, Chile.
Our Services
Validate Your Site
Benefits for Surfers & Consumers
When the ValidatedSite logo appears on a website, consumers can be assured that the site has taken the proper steps to protect their private information, resulting in less spam e-mail and the comfort in knowing that personal data is held in the utmost confidentiality
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Site Map
The ValidatedSite main page.
Directory of Validated Sites
Web Trust Advisory
Discusses our consulting service.
Advantages for Webmaster
Reasons for webmasters to get validated.
Learn how to become a partner of ValidatedSite and resell the Seal of Approval.
About Us
Discusses the history of ValidatedSite and its parent company.
The official ValidatedSite privacy policy.
ValidatedSite contact page containing postal and email addresses for our sales and support team as well as access to a contact support form.
ValidatedSite client login.
Contains promotional offers for ValidatedSite and its affiliates.
A trustworthiness index comparison report.
A page of frequently asked questions about the service.
The registration page for new clients.
Reviews the advantages and benefits of being validated by ValidatedSite.
Mission Statement
The ValidatedSite mission statement.
Our service pricing page.
A discussion about site trustworthiness and how to obtain a good standing.
Our Process
Discusses the validation process.
Learning to Trust Websites
Consumer trust article discussing web site seals of approval
BBBOnline vs. ValidatedSite
A Review of BBBOnline and Comparison to
Validated Web Sites and Related News.