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Webmasters and website owners are able to gain the trust of their visitors through third-party validation from a company that has secured the lives and properties of millions of Americans since 1967.
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ValidatedSite Registration
What information will you need to register?
  • If available, please have your company stock symbol, DUNS # (Dun and Bradstreet) and DUNS rating ready.
  • If your company does not have a DUNS rating and is not publicly traded, you will be asked for the company president, owner or other authorized officer information. This will include the officer's home address, home phone number, and driver's license information. (Social Security numbers are not required. If a SSN is sent in error, we will not store this information)
  • Please have the following company information available: number of employees, date the company started, total annual sales and headquarters/primary contact information.
  • Please have the following website information available: date the site started, title, description and primary contact information. License Agreement
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