What Do Consumers Want ?
A website they can trust
Searchers must attain a level of trust with your organization before they will consider the other factors about your product or service.
The information they need--quickly
That trust is conveyed through your website’s presentation. We can measurably improve your organization’s “Trustworthiness,” which could be the deciding factor that will motivate the searcher to select your organization rather than your competitor’s.
Third party validation to insure the website claims are valid
When comparisons are made one-on-one against your competitor, the ValidatedSite “Seal of Approval” on your website will convey to your prospect that it is safe to do business with you.
What Do Customers Want?
What ValidatedSite Does for You.
  • Increases your trustworthiness among companies within your category.
  • Increases your Trust Index, which increases the chances of a sale with your prospect.
  • Builds confidence with those reading your pages.
  • You will receive ongoing tips on how to maintain and improve your Trust Index.
  • One year free of website monitoring from our sister company, InternetSupervision. Visit ValidatedSite for more information.
  • Improves retention with visitors through a higher TrustGauge.com score.
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ValidatedSite Service Pricing
Our system automatically calculates your registration and yearly fees based on your web site's ranking with Ranking.com. For more information, review our price list. In most cases, our nominal fees pay for themselves within days once you receive additional business as a result of your increased trustworthiness.
Calculate Your ValidatedSite.com Seal Price
Site Domain
Pricing Breakdown
Site ranking with Ranking.com Yearly Fee US/Canada
Registration + yearly fee
All other countries
Registration + yearly fee
1,000,000 plus $120 $170 $210
500,001-999,999 $140 $190 $230
200,001-500,000 $190 $240 $280
100,001-200,000 $290 $340 $380
10,001-100,000 $390 $440 $480
1,001-10,000 $640 $690 $730
101-1,000 $940 $990 $1030
1-100 $2600 $2650 $2690
Registration Fees
Initial registration fee for US and Canadian organizations: $50.00 USD. Initial registration fee for sites in all other countries: $90 USD

Clients validating more than one website will be charged one registration fee when the administrative, corporate officer and company information is the same. Yearly fees for each URL still apply.

Registration and yearly fees are payable in advance on the registration form.

Please Note: If your site does not meet our validation requirements, only the yearly fee, and not the registration portion of the fee, is refundable.

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Webmasters and website owners are able to gain the trust of their visitors through third-party validation from a company that has secured the lives and properties of millions of Americans since 1967. Begin your validation process now.click here to register