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When the ValidatedSite logo appears on a website, consumers can rest assured that the site has taken the necessary steps to protect their private and personal information. Learn more about the benefits of for Web consumers.
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TrustGauge is the quickest and easiest way to determine if the website you are visiting is trustworthy. As part of the free Browser Accelerator toolbar, the TrustGauge helps determine the trustworthiness of any site.
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Consumers want to feel secure before the final buying decision is made
Many web users are extremely apprehensive about conducting business with Internet-based companies. Buyers want additional information from vendors about the business itself and its practices with regards to privacy and security.

While vendors may be perfectly forthright and honest, to succeed with many web users, the vendors must prove their trustworthiness to the buyer.

For example, a person who has not established credit asks a bank to trust them when they need a loan or want a credit card. The credit applicant must fill out all of the forms and have their records checked thoroughly as part of the credit granting process. Additionally, applicants are granted different levels of creditworthiness based on the results of the bank's investigation, and some applicants are denied credit. provides the Web community with a resource that helps both webmasters and Web users
In our case, the website owner is asking for the buyer's trust. An easy way to achieve the buyer's trust is for the website owner to fill out the forms and have the records checked by a disinterested third party who will evaluate the information and assign a trustworthiness rating. By having an independent third party vouch for the business, website owners can build trust within the entire web community because third-party validation and reasonable trustworthiness rating removes much of the apprehension that buyers experience.

Consumers are driving the need for validating and maintaining the information regarding Internet-based businesses. In order to satisfy the growing demand, EMERgency 24, Inc. developed

EMERgency 24 is eminently qualified to provide this type of service because it has been protecting the lives and properties of consumers and businesses alike for 37 years.
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