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When the ValidatedSite logo appears on a website, consumers can rest assured that the site has taken the necessary steps to protect their private and personal information.
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Getting listed in the Validated Site Directory shows the world that your business means business! We only list websites that have been verified by, trustworthy companies that are safe for consumers to shop and buy.
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If you are missing out on potential signups, subscriptions or sales because your visitors simply don't trust your online business, make the most of the traffic you are receiving with the Internet Seal of Approval service from
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When the ValidatedSite logo appears on a website, consumers can be assured that the site willingly shares important information about the business or organization behind it. By enhancing your Web image with a seal of approval, your business will develop positive relationships with prospects concerned about the validity of critical information provided on your website.
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It's more than just a Seal of Approval for your website!
ValidatedSite provides a complimentary consulting and advisory service for clients. Learn how to make the most of your web presence by finding out how to building consumer confidence with website visitors in our WebTrust Advisory section.
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By making it clear to visitors that your site and the general information it contains was independently validated by ValidatedSite, you can more quickly develop trust with prospects.
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