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# 25 You validated a business that practices poor business ethics.

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ValidatedSite verifies the business information not the manner in which the business handles their customers.    If a website is not rendering its service, you should first contact the business to try and resolve the problem. The published information we supply for a website can be viewed by visiting the site and clicking on our Seal of Approval.   If the problem is not getting resolved, the next step would be to contact the State's Attorney's office of the state the business is located.  Documents we have collected to verify the business may be used in a court of law.

In addition, we recommend that you post a review of the website so that other potential consumers can view the problems you experienced with this company. Please submit this complaint to our TrustGauge™ Review system. 

Visit and click on "Sites Ranking"
After you enter the security code, search for the website
From the returned list, click on the domain and a pop up will appear with the site's info.
Within the pop up, click on:
Reviews & Complaintsnew!  read / write
Download the BrowserAccelerator toolbar: 
BrowserAccelerator provides tools such as search, weather, website info, news and jokes right in your browser. It also provides you with a dictionary, thesaurus and the TrustGauge, which automatically displays the degree of trustworthiness of each, visited or compared site.
With BrowserAccelerator, simply visit the website and then click on "Info".  The pop up will appear with the Site info and then click on "Reviews & Complaints".


Keywords: complaint, review, website not trustworthy, website complaint, post a review, site should not be validated, bad business practices

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# 22 How do I download the privacy policy template?

To download one of the ValidatedSite™ privacy policy templates follow the instructions below.

1) Log in to your account.
2) Click on the "sites" tab.
3) Click on the "view/download" link.
4) Once the new window opens click on the "download template" link next to the template of your choice.

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