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# 24 The information on a website that has been Validated is incorrect, false, or plagiarized...

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ValidatedSite provides verification of business ownership. We do not Validate content of a website. The ValidatedSiteSeal of Approval states that all information regarding this business such as email addresses, phone numbers, mailing address, officer information and privacy policy are up to date and verified and can be used as a legal document. 

If you have a dispute with the content of a website, we suggest contacting the website directly.

We also have a website review system that can be utilized. Visit and search for the website domain. Next, click on the domain from the returned list and then click on 'read/write' next to REVIEWS & COMPLAINTS to post your review of this website.

Note: ValidatedSite™ will not validate website's displaying illegal content.


Keywords: fraudulent content, plagiarized content, false information, website content, illegal content

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# 23 Why are you placing cookies on my computer?

When a person clicks on your ValidatedSite Seal of Approval to view your website details, a "session cookie" (temporary) will be used to make sure that it is not a robot that wants to harvest the seal details information. Keywords: cookies, tracking cookes

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# 21 How do I add the ValidatedSite™ seal to my web site?

To add the seal to your web site follow the instructions below.

1) Log in to your ValidatedSite account:
2) Click on "Get Seal Code" at the bottom of the "Welcome" column of your account Main Menu.
3) Select the banner you prefer
3) Copy and paste the code provided into your website on as many pages as you would like for the domain that was Validated.  Please note that the code will not work on any other domain.

If your website has not already completed the ValidatedSite process, the “Pending” notice will automatically be removed once your site has been completely validated.

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