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  [2] Validation 1 
# 15 What is the process for Validating my site?

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After you have completed the registration process you will receive and respond to the following:

1 Contact,Officer and Company emails.
2 A Fax which you will sign and Fax back.
3 Officer and Company certified mailing.
4 Contact, Officer and Company phone verification. 

After these steps have been completed you will be validated.


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# 16 What does it mean to be "Validated?"

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The address posted by the site is a genuine postal address where certified mail was sent, received and returned by the site owners. 

The personal phone numbers of a website's owners and managers have been called to confirm ownership of a website. 

Additional information provided by this organization can be made available by clicking the ValidatedSite™ seal. 

Verification that the privacy policy of the site clearly states the safeguards and protection procedures in place for the email addresses, credit card and personal information that visitors release. 

Drastically improve your score - seen by over 100,000 surfers using 

The published phone numbers of the website have been called and verified as belonging to your web site.


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