How ValidatedSite Compares
While using another third-party verification service is a step in the right direction, you are still missing out on having the most important information verified that consumers find vital. Buyers want additional information from vendors about the business itself and their business practices with regards to privacy and security. Consumers want to feel secure before making the final buying decision.
Side by side comparison
  Validated Site BBB Reliability Verisign Truste Epublic Eye Web Assured
Validates business address
Validates business phones  
Validates company fax number        
Validates company officer address          
Validates company officer phone        
Company officer email address        
Company officer ID (License)          
Notarizes all factors validate address          
Uses certified letters to validate address          
Seal automatically expires on page        
Seal is secure    
Checks privacy statement validity      
Company provides privacy policy        
What Do Consumers Want?
A website they can trust
Searchers must attain a level of trust with your organization before they will consider the other factors about your product or service.
The information they need--quickly
That trust is conveyed through your website's presentation. We can measurably improve your organization's "Trustworthiness," which could be the deciding factor that will motivate the searcher to select your organization rather than your competitor's.
Third party validation to insure the website claims are valid
When comparisons are made one-on-one against your competitor, the ValidatedSite "Seal of Approval" on your website will convey to your prospect that it is safe to do business with you.
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