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Data comptroller USA provides Data Management, IT services, and Venture capital coordination for Small Businesses, startups, and home based businesses.

Data comptroller USA's make up includes senior staff members possessing Masters Degrees, MBA's, and MS in Computer applications. They also have a CPA on senior staff and more than 20 junior staff with Bachelors Degrees in computer applications, programming, administration, accounting, and management.

Services Include:
  • Data Entry and Processing

  • Data Conversion

  • Scanning, Ocr with Editing and Indexing services

  • Form Processing

  • Web Research

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Software Development

  • CAD Services

  • Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

  • Desktop Publishing

  • IT Remote Support

  • Financial Services, Market analysis, product sourcing, strategic management and planning.

  • Start any business from scratch with sweat equity. We will teach you how.

  • Venture Capital & Seed Money

Data comptroller USA
A World Fallstanding Company
6106 Lyndale, Suite 110. P.O. Box 65830
St. Paul, Minnesota 55165

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