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Title: Browser Accelerator Toolbar -

Description: The Browser Accelerator Toolbar is a free full featured web browser toolbar that has the following features:

  • Search the web

  • Discover how trustworthy web sites are

  • Help Rank the Web

  • See web site Traffic Rankings

  • Comparison Shopping Tool

  • Review websites

  • Built in Dictionary

  • Built in Thesaurus

  • Scroll bar with Weather, Jokes, Wisdom Tips, and "Word of the Day".

  • And a Popup Monitor to block unwanted pop-ups.

Browser Accelerator uses the power of TrustGauge and to determine Trust and ranking scores for the sites its users visit.

Parent Company:
EMERgency 24, Inc.
4179 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL 60641
United States
773-725-0222 (phone)
773-286-1992 (fax)
Stock Symbol: N/A
Date Started: 01/01/1967

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