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Announcing the ValidatedSite(tm) Directory!

Today marks the launch of the ValidatedSite Directory. Our goal is to provide added value to both Validatedsite clients and to everyday web shoppers. Our directory lists websites which have been verified by Validatedsite and are carrying our seal.

To become a verified business, a company must provide authentication that they are a legitimate business with a real world location and owners/managers who can be contacted. In addition, the sites must have a privacy policy that clearly states the safeguards and protection procedures in place for the e-mail addresses, credit card and personal information that visitors release. (Additional information is also verified)

Since companies listed in our directory have been thoroughly researched and verified, online shoppers can feel safe giving their business to them. We encourage you to take a look around the newly launched Directory the next time you are looking to make a safe purchase online. And if you are a business that would like to be listed in the directory then let's begin the process - It's easy and rewarding! Here are some highlights of getting into the directory:

- Provides company credibility and enhances reputation

- Provides additional online visibility for website

- Can help boost sales and online marketing ROI

Have more questions about how we can help you? Contact us - We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,