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Rules of the Program
What are the rules of the affiliate program?
  • Affiliates receive 30% of the first yearly fee once registered client are approved. Subsequent yearly commissions are yours if you maintain the same level of sales.
  • Maintaining the same level of sales will allow you to receive your 30% commission on the recurring revenue of a client for an indefinite period into the future. You must meet or exceed the number of ValidatedSite sale dollars as the year before.
  • When a prospective client visits your site, they are branded with your unique affiliate ID. If he/she subscribes to our service within a 90 day period and is approved you will receive commission.
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How much is the ValidatedSite Seal?
Our system automatically calculates registration and yearly fees based on a web site's ranking with

For more information, review the price list. In most cases, the nominal fees pay for themselves within days when additional business is received as a result of increased trustworthiness.
Do you have questions about the ValidatedSite service? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.
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How it Works
When your clients place the ValidatedSite™ seal on their website, visitors can quickly determine the validity of their organization. Displaying the seal assures surfers that critical, general information about a web site has been validated by an independent organization.

The ValidatedSite reseller program provides a viable "add-on" service for advertising agencies, marketing firms, web designers and web host providers.
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Benefits of Validating a Website

The benefits of having a site validated and displaying the seal within strategic places on a website are numerous:

  • Increase sales, receive additional sign ups and reduce abandonment rates when the seal is placed in pages where the reader questions a company's trustworthiness.
  • Improves the overall image of a site by letting visitors know that a company is who they claim to be.
  • Build trust with consumers by utilizing one of's professionally developed Privacy Policies.
  • Improve the number and type of relationships with visitors through a higher score.

Webmasters and website owners are able to gain the trust of their visitors through third-party validation from a company that has secured the lives and property for millions of Americans since 1967.
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Benefits of our ValidatedSite Affiliate Program
  • Receive a 30% commission on recurring revenue from subscriber registrations initiated through your website.
  • Provide important and valuable information to your website readers.
  • Receive credit on sales up to 90 days after the visitors initial visit.
  • Partner with a company that has paid $6,976,238.27 US dollars to a group of over 25,000 website owners and affiliates since 1998.
  • Today, we pay approximately one quarter of a million dollars a month in commission, which is always disbursed within 10 days of the first of the month.
The validation process
Affiliate Revenue Projection
The following affiliate revenue projections are assuming just one daily registration using the lowest yearly fee. Yearly fees are based on the popularity ranking from The more popular the site is that you sign up, the greater your commission will be.
13-24 Months 25-36 Months 37-48 Months 49-60 Months
Registration 30(1/day) 30 30 30 30 30
Annual Renewals N/A N/A 30 60 90 120
Monthly Recurring Revenue - %30 commssion $1,080 $1,080 $2,160 $3,240 $4,320 $5,400
Cumulative Revenue * N/A N/A $12,960 $38,880 $77,760 $129,600
* Your cumulative income includes what you will earn over a 12, 24, 36 and 48 month period when your referred clients continue to use the service.
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