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Webmasters and website owners are able to gain the trust of their visitors through third-party validation from a company that has secured the lives and properties of millions of Americans since 1967.
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Benefits of Validation
In the world of online business you need to give your website visitors reasons to choose your company over its competition. As Internet users become increasingly savvy with whom to do business with online, ValidatedSite gives you an opportunity to express the legitimacy of your enterprise to potential buyers of your products and services.

When surfers compare your website with the websites of your competitors, ValidatedSite gives you an edge by making your site the most trustworthy option. By commissioning an objective third party company trusted by millions for almost forty years to analyze your website and make sure you are taking the necessary steps, you can avoid the pitfalls that typically interfere with the trust building process.
The Reasons to Choose ValidatedSite Over Other Providers
ValidatedSite enables your online business to display verification for surfers that the information contained in your website is accurate.

The difference between ValidatedSite and other seal of approval services is in our verification process. Other providers verify limited information such as site security or the presence of privacy policies. ValidatedSite is different in that it takes the verification process a step further - validating the integrity of the business information provided to visitors.
More than a Seal of Approval for your website
A Trust Consulting Service for your online business

Benefit from ongoing advice as to how to compete with search return competitors and how to avoid common mistakes that interfere with the trust-building process between your company and potential buyers. ValidatedSite provides a complimentary consulting and advisory service for clients. Learn how to make the most of your web presence by finding out how to increase confidence with website visitors in our Web Trust Advisory section.
Benefits of Using ValidatedSite
The benefits and advantages of having your site validated and displaying the seal within strategic places of your website are numerous.
  • Increase conversions (sales, signups, etc.) from web pages where visitors are questioning your trustworthiness.
  • Improve the immediate and long-term image of your website by letting visitors know you are who you claim to be.
  • Use and adhere to's professionally developed privacy policies so that consumers can trust your company.
Directory Listing
The benefits and advantages of having your site validated go beyond simple 3rd party trust validation. All members recieve a listing in our Validated Site Directory. Simply sign up, go through the validation process, and get listed.
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