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Learning to Trust Websites:
A Review of BBBOnline and Comparison to - an independent third-party provider of website seals of approval
From the BBBOnline website: "When a potential customer visits your web site, how does that person know your company is reputable if he or she has never done business with you before … has never visited your store or place of business … is not familiar with your brand? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to distinguish your company web site as reputable and trustworthy, with just a glance? The Better Business Bureau can help you provide that added measure of confidence. The BBBOnLine Reliability seal is the solution to setting your company apart."

You can't sum it up better than that, but you can take it a step further.

It's also important to have seals which at a glance cover and express different aspects of a website's integrity. What is meant by this is not just generic contact information on the site and whether a generic "catch-all" email address has been set up, but whether information on the people behind the online enterprise have made full disclosure about themselves available for public review. This is what ValidatedSite does - provide a more comprehensive review of not just your online presence but those that stand behind your enterprise.

Another problem With BBBOnline (The Internet counterpart of the Better Business Bureau) is that while it does handle complaints it does not provide information on whether that complaint was resolved. Services such as ValidatedSite seal of approval take complaint resolution to a higher level and work to help consumers and website owner resolve any existing issues.

Suggestion For Building Trust On the Web:
 When it comes to expressing the legitimacy of your organization it is essential that you take every opportunity to convey why you are a trustworthy organization. This goes beyond static seals like those provided by BBBOnline.

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